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The System x M4 server provides outstanding performance for your mission-critical applications. Its energy-efficient design supports more cores, memory, and data capacity in a scalable 2U package that is easy to service and manage. With more computing power per watt and the latest Intel Xeon processors, you can reduce costs while maintaining speed and availability.

This guide is intended for technical specialists, sales specialists, sales engineers, IT architects, and other IT professionals who want to learn more about the x M4 E and consider its use in IT solutions.

The System x M4 server provides outstanding performance for your business-critical applications. Figure 1. The System x M4. This flexible onboard Ethernet solution provides four standard embedded Gigabit Ethernet ports and two optional embedded 10 Gb Ethernet ports without occupying PCIe slots.

Comprehensive systems management tools with the next-generation Integrated Management Module II IMM2 make it easy to deploy, integrate, service, and manage.

The x M4 is an outstanding 2U two-socket business-critical server, offering improved performance and pay-as-you grow flexibility along with new features that improve server management capability. This powerful system is designed for your most important business applications and cloud deployments. Combining balanced performance and flexibility, the x M4 is a great choice for small and medium businesses up to the large enterprise.

It can provide outstanding uptime to keep business-critical applications and cloud deployments running safely. Ease of use and comprehensive systems management tools make it easy to deploy. Outstanding RAS and high-efficiency design improve your business environment and help save operational costs.

The x M4 offers numerous features to boost performance, improve scalability, and reduce costs:. The x M4 offers the following energy-efficiency features to save energy, reduce operational costs, increase energy availability, and contribute to the green environment:.

Figure 2. Front view of the System x M4. Figure 3. Rear view of the System x M4. Figure 4. Inside view of the System x M4.

The x M4 model is pre-installed with a wide range of SAP software and development tools, the solution offers a fast, easy and cost-effective way to explore, evaluate and train on SAP products including SAP HANA, before deploying it in your infrastructure. The x M4 supports the processor options listed in the following table. The server supports up to two processors. This table shows which server models have each processor standard.

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If there is no corresponding where-used model for a particular processor, this processor is only available through CTO. Second processor options include an additional cooling fan. System x DDR3 memory is compatibility tested and tuned for optimal System x performance and throughput.

brd error ibm x3650

System x memory specifications are integrated into the light path diagnostics for immediate system performance feedback and optimum system uptime.

From a service and support standpoint, System x memory automatically assumes the System x system warranty, and Lenovo provides service and support worldwide.

Each processor has four memory channels, and there are three DIMMs per channel.The problem was, these diagnostic codes were never really documented all that well. The codes that I am presenting here are from documents I have read through, found on the web, found in old books, documents and technical papers.

As a computer technician, I rely on documentation to guide me through these types of messages. Therefore, I hope to provide this to all those other technicians out there who get the opportunity to work on one of these.

And, yes, people still use them and some refuse to give them up. The method for reading these codes is pretty straight forward. The first part of the error code indicates the device that is causing the trouble. The second part gives the meaning of the error. You can think of the first part as the test code and the second part as the fault code. A fault code of 00 indicates that no problem was found. Thus means the system memory was tested.

The 00 means that no fault was found. This page is rather extensive and will be updated on a regular basis. Like all the other codes out there. If you know of any error codes that I am displaying incorrectly or that aren't here.

Let me know and I'll get it corrected as soon as I can. System Board Errors:. Monochrome Display Adapter Errors:. Color Graphics Adapter Errors:.

brd error ibm x3650

Math Coprocessor Errors:. Parallel Printer Adapter Errors:. Alternate Printer Adapter Errors :. Primary Async Communications Errors:. Alternate Async Communications Errors:. Game Control Adapter Errors:. Matrix Printer Errors:. Hard Drive and Controller Errors:. Return to Top. Cluster Adapter Errors:. Plasma Monitor Adapter Errors:.

brd error ibm x3650

Alternate Enhanced Graphics Adapter Errors:. Compact Printer Errors:. Data Acquisition Adapter Errors:. Display Attachment Unit and Display Errors:.Friend's boss acquires the x 2U server from the boss's buddy in California and had it shipped out here. The thing doesn't turn on right from the start. Here is a basic list of conditions and troubleshooting he's tried:.

A Plug it in and the system fans light up mostly, see attach. B Power supply Fan spins up. C LED on motherboard by Fan 8 blinks green every second.

He did get a one-off symptom that went like this: Plugged in after the weekend and the system fans turned on for 2 seconds. Reseated VRM, it went back to original issue. We had thought it could be some kind of lock or key that needs to be in place before it will turn on, doesn't seem to be the case.

Tried shorting the power-on pins directly to make sure it isn't the button. Tried booting up with minimal parts plugged in. He tried swapping between either of the power supplies. Bad motherboard? I always forget that while it's most often the pieces that plug into it, the motherboard can go bad occasionally. In this case, based on research of the various LEDs in the system, namely the constantly blinking green light, that appears to be the sign that the mobo is okay and sitting in standby.

Is there some other trick to test for mobo function? You'd think if it were bad there would be something else on the mobo or elsewhere to indicate failure. Does this thing have an RSA card remote management installed?

Review IBM System x3650 M3 rack Server - 047

Also there is a blue leaver that releases a LED light tray on the face of this unit. What does the diagnostic lights tell you? Also on the fans, do they ever drop down to a normal speed or does this thing sound like a jet running all of the time?

If you need parts for this we purchased a fan pack from Serversupply. And the fans do not spin at all, again just that one random time.

The system does seem to detect when only one of the power supplies is in and reports it. Ok let me see if I understand. It has an RSA board currently removed. This is an independent RISC based computer that only uses the mb for low voltage power. You might not be able to communicate with it because you don't know the ip address or admin password. I would think if you plugged a network cable into the RSA port you should get a link light.An orange Exclamation light turned ON and the server was not booting properly.

Shutdown the Server Remove Power cables both from power supply. We have a Lenovo server that was freshly built after a massive raid failure, and now we have this light. Intel Raid Manager says nothing about it, and all drives are green. Like Like. Comment by Sam — February 13, AM. You can live with orange lightno issue. Comment by Gugan — December 30, PM.

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Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. I can re-insert the defunct drive and after that it's work OK.

Yesterday, 1TB Logical Drives going offline, and drive missing on server. I have no idea what is going wrong with this server. I have updated the Server Raid 8K-L firmware to the latest version. BIOS - 5. Most likely this is hardware issues, possibly with the controller and possibly with the drives.

Have you updated the drive firmware in addition to the controller firmware? I have updated controller and BIOS drivers, i am not able to find hard disk firmware. As IBM update express utility above server not found we have to add manually from list, but before that i am not sure that it's perfect driver.

This server already in Production. Hard drive firmware would be a key culprit here. Not sure where to find the updates, can you confirm that the same firmware from those drives is working in the other server? And is the controller firmware the same on the other server? Oh okay, I thought that you were saying that you had these same drives working on another server.

I misunderstood. Dashrender Yes it's original 10 years old. Today, also one drive was defunct, pl. From two days ago i have just created a new array. I agree. You have a hardware problem here.

IBM System x3650 M4 Type 7915 Problem Determination And Service Manual

You might get lucky and have firmware fix it. If not, you need to replace things. Easiest is probably to replace the server. OK scottalanmiller - since you mentioned replacing the server - what do you think the average server life should be for an SMB? Once you are paying for spare parts, the economics of keeping an old server generally vanish. One must have been made at some point in history, but I've literally never heard tell of one.Page of Go.

Diagnostics Page 44 - Event logs Page 45 - Viewing event logs without restarting th Parts listing, Type serv Removing and replacing server Page - System reliability guidelines Page - Working inside the server with the power Page - Returning a device or component Page Page - Usb and video cable connection Page - Operator information panel cable connect Page Page - 2.

Page Page Page Page - 3.

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Page - Hard disk drive cable connection Page - Removing and replacing consumable and st Page Page - Removing the optional dual-port network Page - Installing the optional dual-port networ Page - Removing a hot-swap hard disk drive Page - Installing a hot-swap hard disk drive Page - Removing a simple-swap hard disk drive Page Page - Removing the SAS hard disk drive backpla Page Page - Removing the simple-swap hard disk drive Page - Installing a hot-swap dual-motor hot-swa Page - Removing the battery Page Page - Installing the battery Page Page - Removing the operator information panel Page - Installing the operator information pane Page - Removing a microprocessor and heat sink Page Page Page - Installing a microprocessor and heat sin Configuration information and Getting help and technical a Page - Software service and support Page - Appendix B.

Quick Links. See also: Installer and User Manual. Problem Determination and Service Guide. Table of Contents. Features new intel xeon series processors with new microarchitecture design featuring quick path interconnect qpi technology 31 pages.

Page 5: Table Of Contents Power problems Page 6 Shrinking a PCI riser-card assembly for half-length adapters. Page 7 Installing a PCI riser-card assembly Page 8 Hardware service and support Page Guidelines For Trained Service Technicians Use the information in this section to help you identify potential unsafe conditions in an IBM product that you are working on. Each IBM product, as it was designed and manufactured, has required safety items to protect users and service technicians from injury.

Page 11 v Do not touch the reflective surface of a dental mirror to a live electrical circuit. The surface is conductive and can cause personal injury or equipment damage if it touches a live electrical circuit.View the controls and LEDs on the light path diagnostics panel. Light path diagnostics LEDs remain lit only while the server is connected to power.

Light path diagnostics panel

To access the light path diagnostics panel, slide the release latch on the front of the operator information panel to the left. Make sure that both power supplies installed in the server are of the same rating or wattage. The following table lists the LEDs on the light path diagnostics panel and suggested actions to solve the detected problems. Follow the suggested actions in the order in which they are listed in the Action column until the problem is solved.

If an action step is preceded by " Trained technician only ," that step must be performed only by a trained technician. Check the IMM2 system event log and the system-error log for information about the error.

Save the log if necessary and clear the log afterwards. System-error LED An error has occurred. Check the light path diagnostics LEDs and follow the instructions. The system might detect a power supply error.

Complete the following steps to correct the problem: Check the power-supply with a lit yellow LED. Make sure that the power supplies are seated correctly and plugged in a good AC outlet. Remove one of the power supplies to isolate the failed power supply.

Make sure that both power supplies installed in the server are of the same AC input voltage.


Replace the failed power supply see Removing a hot-swap ac power supply and Installing a hot-swap ac power supply. Note: Each time you install or remove a DIMM, you must disconnect the server from the power source; then, wait 10 seconds before restarting the server. Parent topic: Internal connectors, LEDs, and jumpers in a Check log LED.

An error has occurred and cannot be isolated without performing certain procedures. System-error LED. An error has occurred. The system consumption reaches the power supply over-current protection point or the power supplies are damaged. Check the system-error log for information about the error. If you cannot isolate the failing component by using the LEDs and the information in the system-error log, remove one component at a time; and restart the server after each component is removed.

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